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FINCSC - Finnish Cyber Security Certificate

FINCSC is a cost-effective, nationally recognized certification mechanism for companies of all sizes to ensure business continuity and proper data protection.

Certification Benefits

Stand out amongst competitors

With this certificate your organization will be distinguished from other players in the industry sector

Be aware of your cyber security

Certification provides a comprehensive snapshot of your organization's cyber security level

Stay safe even in the future

Certification provides recommendations on the development targets for your organization’s cyber security



FINCSC Certification

Through certification you will personally assess the adequacy of your organization’s information security controls

350€ VAT 0%

FINCSC PLUS Certification

By auditing you will independently verify your organization’s current level of information security and data protection

The price is determined on a tender basis


Authorization is a way for you to demonstrate your organization’s capabilities to provide FINCSC and FINCSC PLUS certification services


Certification Use Cases

Review your own business activities

Evaluate the reliability of your business partner

Ensure the security of your supply chain


FINCSC Customer References

”FINCSC certification helped us to identify shortcomings in our activities even related to the issues we thought we were doing right. Through the whole process we gained a number of practical tips to bring our cybersecurity to a whole new level.”

Janne Sievälä

Janne Sievälä
ICT Manager
Keuruun Sähkö Ltd

"Almost daily we face a variety of security issues in our work. Certification gives us an opportunity to secure ourselves and to show our customers a revised level of our security principles and practices. Such a simple and effective assessment is easy to recommend to our customers as well, at least there would be a definite need for it."

Kimmo Matomäki

Kimmo Matomäki
Chief Executive Officer
Terasoft Ltd

”FINCSC certification has helped us to evaluate whether our efforts to develop information security have been adequate and appropriate. External evaluation is also a credible way of demonstrating the organizational maturity, for example in international business or in large bidding contests. Based on our experiences, we can highly recommend the use of an external and impartial assessment body to evaluate security level in all organizations.”

Mikko Akselin

Mikko Akselin
Chief Executive Officer
TietoAkseli Ltd

“The certificate confirmed that we have been doing the right things in long run. The things we needed for the certificate were in order. Our company processes large amounts of customer data and therefore security issues are at the core of our service development.”

Lauri Laukkarinen

Lauri Laukkarinen
ICT Service Manager
Protacon Solution Oy

”Cyber security is no high math but everyday choices that have been ensured with FINCSC certificate in our company.”

Susanna Antikainen

Susanna Antikainen
Chief Executive Officer
Fysio Center Jyväskylä Ltd

“At our house cyber security threats are a small risk when we are aware of them but when we don’t recognize their existence they may overthrow our entire business. Thanks to FINCSC certificate we have been able to turn our eyes to the right things in cyber security and together with our partners, we have put the basics in order and prepared for the risks. I believe that this certificate is an important part of building trust between us and our partners.”

Juhana Kilpeläinen

Juhana Kilpeläinen
Vice President
Pohjolan LVIturva Ltd

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