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This cookie policy is intended to provide information on the use of cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user’s computer when the user visits our website. Cookies don’t cause any harm for the user’s computer or files. By using the site, the user accepts our cookie policy and gives a permission to save cookies on his or her computer.

Cookies are used to collect site statistics and to improve the quality of our online services. The purpose of using cookies is to ensure the efficiency, user friendliness and serviceability of the site. The site utilizes analytics services provided by third parties and social extensions to share the content of the website in social media.

Third parties we use to analyze the statistics of the website forward and store the gathered data on their servers. They may also disclose data to other parties. The analytics services we use for cookies are implemented with Google Analytics. Further information on Google Analytics is available at the address of

With cookies we collect the following information

  1. From which IP address the user has come to our website
  2. At what time the user has come to our website
  3. Which devices the user has used for web surfing
  4. How the user has operated on the site
  5. How long the user has spent time on the site

Cookies can be disabled through the browser settings. For instructions on how to disable cookies, check with the browser manufacturer. When disabling cookies please note that some cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of the site.

This cookie policy may change from time to time. JAMK University of Applied Sciences has reserved the right to freely change the practices.

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